So as I said my boyfriend Brendan has a digital SLR and he kindly let me play with it for a weekend!

Here are some photos!

You can prob see I was messing with the colour (white balance) on this last one.. I still have to decided which I prefer.. Im leaning towards the bluey hue’d photos.. More experimenting is needed! 🙂

Anyway, I’m hoping to start a photo a day project as soon as I get my own digital SLR, hopefully that will be sooooon! 🙂




I took more photos :)

This is the second set of film i’ve gotten developed, I really think the film photos have so much more depth to them when compared to digital photos, The subjects of the photos look like there alive, I love it 🙂

This is Little Bear  🙂

Although I do love the oul film camera, I have been messing with my boyfriends digital camera too, I will post photos soooooon




So, I recently bought a Film SLR, and fell in love with it. So I decided to start a blog to have somewhere to post my photos 🙂

Im not the best writer, hence the name… I cant think of what to write…. I genuinely couldn’t think of what to write as a name, so there wont be much writing,  but there will be photos!

Annnyway heres a few photos taken from my first wander with the camera