My sister asked me to take some photographs at a concert she was singing at yesterday, Of course I said yes 🙂 Heres are two shots of her singing, she was very easy to photograph because she looked so beautiful! 🙂 I really enjoy people photography so hopefully its something I can get into more!!

Ive mentioned before.. My sisters name is Sharon Carty and is she a very beautiful Mezzo-Soprano check out her website if you would like to learn more! http://www.sharoncarty.com

Im heading to Thailand on Wed so I wont be posting photos for a while but next time I do they will be photos of Thailand!! I am so excited to explore Thailand and photograph everything!!

Kar 🙂


Sunset in Malaga

The Beach in Malaga was so Beautiful, unfortunately the sun didn’t set over the beach but the light at sunset on the water was still so amazing, These photos just took themselves!




Haven’t posted in a while!! Been crazy busy 🙂 I was away in Malaga last week and found this amazing sweet shop! I love colours and taking really vibrant colourful photos is just the best thing ever! So I had a ball in the shop going round with my camera 🙂 Of course i bought some sweets too! 🙂