BlackMilk Tigerswim


Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 17.42.27 I am obsessed with BlackmilkClothing, They are an Australian brand who only sell there clothes online and they are superduper awesome! I have a fair few pieces from them and I just recently got my newest piece this tiger swim! So I thought hey, its time to attempt modeling/photoshooting properly. I dont have any short of set up at all so they photos are fairly messy but hey I tried 🙂 Everyone needs to check out they’re so unique and funky and amazing quality! Hope you like the photos anyway 🙂




Crochet bowtie

So I recently discovered Asos Marketplace, its kinda like a fashion ebay where people can sell stuff their done with or stuff they’ve made! So I found this crochet bowtie €8
 and it is super awesome! I have a ball coming up pretty soon and I think I might attempt to wear it… 🙂  Its made by Elizajoan and heres a link to her stuff, she makes loads of cool neck pieces and they’ve all really affordable: So heres my first attempt at modeling something 😛




Check out Asos Marketplace! Its well worth a look 🙂