sky view

On our trip over we were flying into the night which gave some really beautiful scenes of the sunset from above the clouds, I was also messing with my polarizing filter while taking photos, hence the rainbows in some of the photos, the windows on the aeroplane are polarized too (I think) which is what gives the cool effect 🙂





View from an aeroplane

As I said in one of my previous posts I took some photos of the clouds when I was taking off from Ireland so here they are! 🙂

Ive been so so busy since I got back from Frankfurt hence the delay in the photos, Im working in a sports camp this week and I was away singing at the weekend so its all go 🙂

Hopefully ill start to get more of the photos up soon!! 🙂 I really enjoyed taking these photos, the two people beside me on the plane thought I was nuts!

More photos sooooon 🙂



Airport fun

So on Thursday evening I set off traveling to visit my sister in Frankfurt where she works as an opera singer!Here are some photos from the airport, I was so lucky it was such a beautiful day! I got some really beautiful shots of the clouds which I will post later! Ive been going mad taking photos over here too, so I will have lots and lots and lots to post when Im back! Were currently in Lepzig which is a very musical and very beautiful city!

If anyone is interested my sisters name is Sharon Carty and she is a very beautiful Mezzo Soprano! Check out her website –

Kar 🙂