The most beautiful season..




leaves2Autumn is my favourite season, the colours and the crisp evenings just make me so happy!

I took a wander down to Castletown house and took some photos 🙂





Golden Cobwebs


IMG_6051I was out in the garden today and took some photos of a plant which had cobwebs on it, the light gave the webs a really beautiful glowing effect and made for a really cool photo! 🙂



Study Break



I havent posted up photos in agggeeess as i havent had much time to take photos lately 🙂

I have exams coming up in the next two weeks so im super busy studying but heres a quick one I took in my back garden on a study break 🙂 

Hope you enjoy 🙂



Daffodils Film style



000012I broke out my film camera after a long break from it! 🙂 I just love getting photos printed!! I had fun running around, I was also trying a new lens so here are the results 🙂


Railay beach

Railay Beach was so beautiful at sunset 🙂 I love reliving all my adventures by posting photos! I took so many ill be posting them for another while!!

I am starting back in college in two weeks, and Im so excited to start, I also found an amazing old nikon lens, you control the apature manually! its too cool, Im very excited to explore using it and to get back using my film camera too! Anyway, enjoy these photos of the beautiful Railay beach at sunset!




Sunset in Koh Phi Phi

This was the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen, I have so many more photos of it but Im going to put them up in bits and pieces cause there just so pretty i want to savor the prettyness. Taken with the Cannon 1.8 50mm lens 🙂 



sky view

On our trip over we were flying into the night which gave some really beautiful scenes of the sunset from above the clouds, I was also messing with my polarizing filter while taking photos, hence the rainbows in some of the photos, the windows on the aeroplane are polarized too (I think) which is what gives the cool effect 🙂





My sister asked me to take some photographs at a concert she was singing at yesterday, Of course I said yes 🙂 Heres are two shots of her singing, she was very easy to photograph because she looked so beautiful! 🙂 I really enjoy people photography so hopefully its something I can get into more!!

Ive mentioned before.. My sisters name is Sharon Carty and is she a very beautiful Mezzo-Soprano check out her website if you would like to learn more!

Im heading to Thailand on Wed so I wont be posting photos for a while but next time I do they will be photos of Thailand!! I am so excited to explore Thailand and photograph everything!!

Kar 🙂


Sunset in Malaga

The Beach in Malaga was so Beautiful, unfortunately the sun didn’t set over the beach but the light at sunset on the water was still so amazing, These photos just took themselves!