Sunsets over the ocean are always so beautiful, the way the water catches and reflects the warm coloured light from the sun is something that you will not find anywhere else, but as that light fades away into the ocean the sea begins to become dark and the dept and vast nature of the ocean becomes very clear, I really think that looking out onto the ocean on a dark night embodies the feeling of solitude and darkness. Solitude can be a beautiful thing too and if you are fond of the ocean it may seem like I am making no sense, but when ever I look out onto the sea at night thats exactly what I see. I love this photo because i think it embodies peace and solitude as the person looks out over the beautiful sunset but as this sunset continues a different type of solitude will envelop the ocean and bring a cold dark vast mood across the scene! 

Big explanation.. 🙂 The sea is just something that has always struck me for its beauty in the fact that during the day it can appear so full, beautiful and hopeful but when the sunsets a sinister  feel is cast across it, it scares me and I love that! Hope you like the photo 🙂