Little Bear




Myself and Brendan have been going out 2 years yesterday, so as an anniversary present I took little bear on a photo shoot, then used the photos to make him a card 🙂 Heres some of the photos, Hes a very good model in fairness too him! 🙂







I took these with my new macro lens adapter that brendan got me for my birthday 🙂 Its an awesome adapter, new daffodils of the spring!



Daffodils Film style



000012I broke out my film camera after a long break from it! 🙂 I just love getting photos printed!! I had fun running around, I was also trying a new lens so here are the results 🙂


Winter is coming


Ahhhh I haven’t posted for ages, Im super very busy at the moment and haven’t had a chance to take any photos until today!

Since the last time I posted, I have graduated from my Engineering Degree in TCD, travelled to florence with my choir and sung over there and Ive been in an Opera, along with all the usual college stuff!

I had some free time from college today so I went for a wander in St. Stevens green and took some photos! Autumn is on its way out and winter is just starting to creep in, luckily there is still some very beautiful tones and colours in the leaves and the sun was shining today so the light was stunning!

The next chance I get i’m going to take my Nikon film SLR out! I really miss using it and it really does take some stunning photos! Thats all to come very soon 🙂




Yesterday turned out to be a really warm day in Dublin so I was really glad I brought my camera out! I decided to steer away from taking photos of trees in the normal sunlight and to play with the idea of the sun peeping from behind the leaves and behind objects etc.. I looked like an insane person… i was wearing my sunglasses on while taking the photos.. as i was staring straight into the sun but hey, thats ok! 🙂 I really enjoyed looking for these photos, it made my wander round alot more exciting cause i was chasing the sun around 🙂

I’m getting a new lens tomorrow.. Second hand cannon 17-85mm I’m still using the kit lens at the moment so I’m very excited!! 🙂 A polarizing filter, is next on my list! 🙂




Cygnets part 2

Earlier in the week I was lucky enough to come across the cygnets I had previously photographed with my film Nikon. (

They’ve gotten so big since I last saw them, they are just too cute!

 Too cute 🙂



Swans and Cygents

I was strolling through Stevens Green a few days ago with my camera and I was so lucky to catch these swans and there little baby cygnets having some lunch! Some of the photos are a teeney tiny bit blurry which is annoying but those little guys were moving a good bit! 🙂




So, I recently bought a Film SLR, and fell in love with it. So I decided to start a blog to have somewhere to post my photos 🙂

Im not the best writer, hence the name… I cant think of what to write…. I genuinely couldn’t think of what to write as a name, so there wont be much writing,  but there will be photos!

Annnyway heres a few photos taken from my first wander with the camera